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 Ascension PvP Clan

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PostSubject: Ascension PvP Clan   Sun Jul 18, 2010 4:58 pm

Hello, We are Ascension and we run this place!

To apply you must have the following:

Must always have a risk
Must have prior Player versus Player experience


No Glitching Allowed
No Betrayal, Period
Must Listen To Higher Ranks

Clan Members:

Leader: Downsx
Co Leader: OPEN
Warlord: OPEN

Applcation, Copy and Paste to Apply, * are Required


* Username:
* Combat Level:
* Preferred Combat Style:

* How long have you been participating in Player vrs Player activities?
* Are you good at accepting defeat?
* Are you not afraid to lose items?

How active are you as a Player?
Do you have grudges against any other Clan Member?
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Ascension PvP Clan
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